The school Anthem

The School Anthem was composed by Frederick James Rowe, who was an Assistant master in LMC from 1868-1870. After his death on 5th Jan, 1909, the school alumni placed a bronze tablet in his memory in what is now the Memorial corner inside the Visitors Lounge.



With Ganges gently flowing
And the towering bridge close by
Our school has borne its banner
For scores of years head high!
St.Thomas’ Church School, Howrah
Hath struggled oft.and won
Its glories great and shining
Have echoed with each new sun.
Its glories great And shining
Have echoed With each new sun.

We laud and honour its motto
We vow “To Press towards The Mark”
The torch of truth must we carry.
Till false hood flee in the dark
Be guide thou true and faithful
Each step of life’s journey through
For life and love thou madest,
And life revolves around you.
For life and love thou madest,
And life revolves around you.

We thank thee lord for knowledge,
We thank our dear teachers too
What glorious memories, we’ll take back
When schooling days are through.
We pray thee lord to bless us.
Now and in the yaers to come
Strengthen hearts and hands with wisdom
So that Thy will be done.
St.Thomas’ Church School, Howrah
Our song will thus be sung