Computer Laboratory

The Computer Lab. has modern computers to cater to the needs of the students. Our aim is to empower students by enabling them to build their own applications. Students learn how to process words and numbers, analyze data, communicate ideas effectively and make the optimum use of computer resources. The senior class students learn fundamental concepts of computing using object oriented approach in one computer language. Each student gets a computer in their practical class to experience the practical side of computer applications.

Chemistry / Biology Laboratory

St. Thomas’ Church School has a well-equipped laboratory with a whole lot of modern amenities to cater to the need of the students. The students get a first- hand experience of the practical side of Chemistry and Biology. The laboratory is in fact a base for budding scientists, a place where they can put their innovative ideas and thoughts into practice. The teaching faculty and the laboratory assistants are ever ready to guide the students in their endeavors. The Chemistry/ Biology laboratory can thus be summed up in two words – ” It’s awesome ! “.

Physics Laboratory

Our physics laboratory is one of the most well equipped laboratories amongst the various schools in Howrah and Kolkata. It has a dimension of 12m by 10 m. Instruments of various types of experiments are kept in the laboratory. We have departments of Electricity, Optics, Mechanics and Electronics in our laboratory. It has a capacity of holding over 60 students. The laboratory is well designed with all modern techniques. The In-Charge of our Physics Laboratory is our senior science teacher Mr. S. R. Bhaduri. Laboratory assistant Mr. Asish Biswas is the person who takes the trouble to maintain the sanctity of the laboratory.